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South River, Ontario

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SoutH River Heating Company

Quality Furnace Installation & Replacement

If your old furnace isn’t cutting it anymore or has stopped working, it’s time to schedule a furnace installation in South River to replace your old furnace. We’ve got some of the latest and most energy-saving furnaces around. Upgrading to a more efficient unit means warmer winters and lower bills. Plus, our team will make sure your new heater fits perfectly and gets installed smoothly.

To make sure your heater keeps running smoothly, it’s important to schedule regular maintenance for your heating system in South River, Ontario. Typically, it’s advised for homeowners to have their furnaces checked at least once a year.

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General Contracting

Professional general contracting services to bring your project to life.

Our experienced team manages all aspects of your construction project, from planning to execution, ensuring high-quality results.

Comprehensive project management saves you time and stress.

Expert methods and quality materials to achieve lasting results and satisfaction in every project.

On-time and within-budget completion with meticulous attention to detail.

Reliable Furnace Repair Service

When your heater suddenly stops working, figuring out what’s wrong can be tricky. That’s why it’s important to reach out to an experienced HVAC expert who can fix it fast. If you’re not sure if you need a furnace repair, watch out for some warning signs. Catching issues early can prevent big problems and save you money on repairs

Signs your furnace is in need of repair:

  • Your heater doesn’t work or won’t even turn on
  • More dust around vents than usual
  • Producing inconsistent heating
  • No heat coming from furnace
  • Weird sounds from your heater
  • It takes longer to warm up your place
  • Your energy bills suddenly go up

But if you’re having lots of problems, it’s wise to call us to give your heater a thorough look. During a tune-up, our skilled technicians will inspect and clean all the different parts of your unit. Plus, we’ll keep an eye out for any potential issues we can fix before they get worse.

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Professional Renovation Services to transform your space.

Our skilled team oversees every phase of your renovation project, from concept to completion, guaranteeing exceptional outcomes.

Tailoring renovations to align with your vision, ensuring each project truly reflects your style and requirements.

Focusing on quality craftsmanship and detail, ensuring every aspect of the renovation meets high standards.

Enhancing your space with updated features and improvements, ensuring your renovation feels fresh and current.

Reliable Hot Water Heater Installation & Repair

When it comes to hot water heater installation, you want skilled and licensed technicians on the job. This ensures your water heater runs safely, meets your household’s hot water needs, and lasts as long as possible. Here at JWS Mechanical & Construction, our expert technicians are constantly trained to keep up with the latest in water heater technology. We recommend regular maintenance to extend the life of your water heater and prevent most problems. But if your water heater does break down, we’re here to fix it quickly through our hot water heater repair. You can count on us for reliable service every time.

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What our Customers Say About JWs Mechanical & Construction

Our happy customers

It was a great experience working with this team for a cottage build in 2022 and 2023. JWS helped us with the majority of the construction (foundation, in- floor heating, framing, roof, siding and windows/doors).

I was really impressed with the skill & craftsmanship and felt confident my project was in good hands, which means a lot when I couldn’t be on site.

These guys have a wealth of knowledge, and care about doing a job right.

I’m very happy with the results which we’ll be enjoying for generations!

Lisa S.


I was recommended another company for a small garage furnace install, needless to say the other company wasted 5-6 weeks of my time.

I contacted JWS and within 2 weeks they were out to install the garage furnace.

They were honest, did a great job on the install, and very fair price wise. I will be contacting JWS for future HVAC projects!

Nick A.


Very happy with JWS. Quick to answer my call, when I needed an on-demand water heater on Dec 28th, 2023.

Julian and John were professional, and courteous and answered all questions about my new system. I highly recommend them.

Gord. G


Julian was great to deal with for my HVAC issue. Friendly, knowledgeable, responsive, thorough and on time! Highly recommend Julian👍😊👍

Peter S.


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